About the birding in general

The central purpose of our visit was to see the large animals of East Africa. The whole trip took ten days, including flights, and there was also a significant amount of driving between the three sites - Amboseli, Nakuru and Maasai Mara - on our itinerary. Therefore, apart from seeing the Flamingos and Pelicans at Lake Nakuru, birds were almost entirely peripheral to the trip plan. Nonetheless, by keeping eyes open, and by using free time at the lodges to look for birds there, around 140 species were observed. There are around 1,100 species of bird found in Kenya, so this is over 10 per cent of them. However, we did not visit the coast, or the highlands, or the far north of the country. What is especially noteworthy is that of the 94 families of bird which are present in Kenya, we saw members of 55 of them.

In the Bird Slideshow only a selection of the better photographs is presented. In this section, each species which was seen is given a record, even if the photographs for the record leave something to be desired artistically.

Each bird observed is presented in detail with some basic information about size and diet, usually in a page for each bird. A few identifications are not certain, so care should be taken if you wish to use comparison to identify your own pictures. In particular, the all-black birds and the flycatchers were difficult to identify. The order of presentation in this section is that used by many bird guides and professional ornithologists. The Bird Index presents a full list, though some of the birds share pages. There are also a few extra background pages which are not in the index, but which you will find if you go through the birds in linear fashion.

Whether you wish simply to enjoy the beauty of the birds, or to learn about them in more detail, you are welcome.