Kenya: On the road 1

One thing that surprised us was the state of the roads themselves. After all these years of independence and all the years of 'aid', surely the roads between the main towns would be real roads with real tarmac? But they were so only in places. And even the best roads, as from Nairobi to Nakuru had only two narrow lanes, so people on bicycles have to ride in the mud.

The best road we saw: north of Lake Naivasha (centre of the cut flower and vegetable export industry).

This looks like a tarred road, but it's just gravel, and many vehicles still think the road edge is best.

A good road, just outside Nairobi, but no real space for those without cars.

Hitch-hikers on a road with some tarmac.

A road in Namanga. What is it like in the rainy season?

The road from Nakuru to Maasai Mara turned into a dust track for 20km to the surprise of our experienced driver.