Problems of Kenya: Orphans & SOS Children's Village

For the reasons outlined - disease, poverty, and social factors, Kenya has quite a lot of orphans. In some cases, these orphans have one or both parents surviving, but completely unable to support the child. In many cases, both parents are gone. There are many organisations which support these children. One of them is SOS Children's Villages which has many orphanages around the world, four of them in Kenya (Nairobi, Mombasa, Meru and Eldoret).

This charity runs Villages, where a number of mothers, who are trained for two years, bring up a number of children. The training is necessary because many of the children are young and have had traumatic experiences even above and beyond that of becoming an orphan at a young age.

The website of SOS Children's Village is given below. When we investigated, it seemed good to us, but we do not necessarily wish to suggest that it is better than other similar organisations. The SOS CV site says that children are brought up in the religion of their mother, which seems right to us (rather than trying to convert them to or bring them up in the religion of the sponsoring organisation's members). Their attitude to AIDS and other problems seems to be free from dogmatism, and this also made it seem worthwhile to us.

You can support a child on a monthly basis over years, but a one-off donation or a donation to a village rather than an individual child is fine.

This page simply provides a link to SOS Children's Villages. There is no connection between kenyaView and SOS CV.