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The main purpose of this site is not to show videos, and most of these films are not linked from the pages about the animals they show. However, we did take some video with an old standard definition digital video camera. The results are here arranged by animal, in the order the clips were taken. The quality is mostly not good, due to poor filming technique for which we apologise (the camera should have been held for longer on any given scene, and panning should have been much slower). These videos are an added extra on this site, rather than the main point. Ignore them if you wish. The radio noise you can hear in the background of several of these short films is the area radio that drivers use to keep in touch with each other, and inform each other if some unusual or desired animal has been found. The video camera we used is the excellent Canon FV300, which is a rather out-of-date digital video tape recorder (but still too good for us to want to throw it away). Like many cameras, it will pick up nearby sounds much more than sounds which are farther away. When you are on safari, the sound of the radio and of camera shutters will be much quieter, relatively, and the  sounds of the animals (or the sound of the silence, strange as that may seem), louder than it seems on these films.