The first section contains photo slideshows of animals, birds, landscapes, the Maasai people, and Kenya seen from the road, all presented without commentary.

The next section deals with the animals and birds in detail, outlining the different types, and their biological features, with a page or more for each species seen.

The third section describes the ecology of the savannah, and how the plants, animals and birds, and the weather and geology fit together as a system.

The lifestyle of the Maasai cattle herders is outlined, and some of the problems of the co-existence of people and wildlife are raised.

The fourth section presents a view of Kenya as seen from inside a van, which is all most safari tourists experience of the country.

Another section presents some cases of conservation problems which have different roots. Finally, some of the general social and political problems facing Kenya are raised.

Souvenirs which we bought are shown. Some of the books which were consulted in the preparation of this site are presented in a selection of recommended reading. Finally, we suggest some good African music.

Welcome to kenyaView, which offers observations of Kenya based on a trip to the three wildlife parks of Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, and the Maasai Mara.

Karibu is the Swahili word for Welcome.

The core of the site is a presentation of the wildlife seen, but it moves beyond this by reflecting on things seen, both in the parks and on the roads between them. The site has six main sections, which develop into each other, with each later section expanding on the previous ones.

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