Transport in Kenya: 3/3 Police Roadblocks

We saw a lot of police roadblocks, all using the same technique of putting spikes down to force drivers to slow down. Our driver was a very careful and skillful driver, and he approved in principle of these roadblocks, which were to check that drivers had insurance, and that vehicles were in good condition. He hated Matatu van-bus drivers, and wanted them controlled as much as possible. However, he said this would be good only if the police didn't let people off in exchange for a 'tip'. Our driver was genuinely interested in road safety. We were there around Christmas and the New Year, and he suggested (without actually saying) that the police were basically collecting money to pay for these holidays (and anybody with a car is already very rich by average Kenyan standards, so ripe for plucking).

Right in front of the airport in Nairobi. The police checked our van for its licence to carry passengers.

This officer below had obviously fulfilled his quota for the day, and you can see his stretched out legs as he sleeps in the shade of a tree, but leaves the road spikes out.