Maasai Mara National Reserve 1/2

Maasai Mara is a National Reserve, rather than a national park, which means it is run by the local people, rather than by the Kenya National Wildlife Service, which runs the parks. However, it is difficult to judge the extent to which this is successful in getting profits from the tourism to local people. Narok Town Council members, who are supposed to represent the 'local' people, are reported in some cases to have privatised land near the parks, and taken it themselves, as well as to have simply pocketed funds intended for schools, roads and other facilities. Certainly, the town of Narok seemed to be a very poor and underprovided place. We stayed at the Mara Simba Lodge, which immediately overlooks the Talek River. As well as the wildlife seen on safari, a great variety of wildlife can be seen from the verandahs of this lodge.